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Home Studio test

Given the current situation of all things "Covid",

we've all got to be ready to adapt.

Here is a short clip of an audiobook I've just finished recording from my home for Penguin Audio Books.

It will give you an idea of the sound quality I can provide.

The F*ck-It ListIan Porter
00:00 / 02:17

By John Niven


 grenadine & peppermint 

Grenadine is a little Inuit girl who is curious, energetic and who loves adventures that she gets into with her friend Peppermint, a usually placid penguin whom she thinks has the right stuff to make a super hero. 
Although he is rather lethargic, Peppermint accepts to play the super hero role so he can keep Grenadine happy.

 Buongiorno - Recharge and Win 

Running Time: 2:00 minutes

 house reel 
 storm front 

- Audio Book Sample

 Gunned Down 

- Dramatic Sample

 Corporate Sample 
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